Free Stuff

You are probably feeling skeptical already, aren’t you? Your spam box, like mine, is filled with offers for free movies, free iPads and free weight loss products. There’s plenty of free stuff out there, but some of it is stolen, a good deal of it is junk and most of it isn’t really free. I’ve been guilty of downloading material which didn’t belong to the person who made it available, and I’ve waded through mountains of internet slime while searching for that one, golden nugget. So far, I’ve avoided the phony sales pitches – but only because I’m too afraid of a computer virus. The point is, nothing’s free, right?

Wrong! In the next few weeks I’m going to give away a couple of good books, so I want to prepare your skeptical minds for that unlikely event. Today, I want to introduce you (or reacquaint you, perhaps) with an amazing Christian ministry called John Piper wrote his best seller, Desiring God, many years ago, but he has never stopped writing, teaching and preaching on practical, interesting and grace-filled topics. And he gives a lot of stuff away absolutely free. I get periodic emails from him with links to free ebooks on a variety of subjects, and many of his already-published books are available for download on the website (yes, for free). I always keep something to read on my iPad for those moments of frustrating delay unexpected quiet. Check it out, and if you’ve never read the classic, Desiring God, that would be a good place to start.

One last thought.  If you are a believer in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for your sins, then you are already familiar with the difficult struggle to accept that something valuable could really be free.  As soon as I look away, I begin trying to earn my salvation all over again (stealing what belongs to God).  Or I take it completely for granted (as though it were junk).  Or I being to doubt it (like a phony sales pitch).   For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Rom. 6:23.

What’s your favorite “free stuff” website?


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