Winner of the Great Books Give-Away Contest!

I particularly love non-fiction because it means I am reading a story straight from God’s imagination  something He wanted to communicate in real-time 4-D.  Like any good story, it might be romantic or tragic, funny or instructional, but I’m always struck by the extra weight of knowing it really happened.  Books like Lansing’s Endurance and Hillenbrand’s Unbroken give me the inspiration I need to fight everyday battles.  Glass Castle and the Year of Magical Thinking portray the common-grace beauty of the human spirit.  A book called One Year Off seemed like a good way to remember to laugh at life, but then it turned into a road-map for a huge, family adventure.  When you are looking for God everywhere, you just never know where a good book will take you.

I’m giving the prize for this contest to Cheryl because she was the only one to mention a memoir I hadn’t heard about before.  Part of the stated objective was to expand all our reading lists, so thanks, Cheryl, for expanding mine.  If you missed all the comments about inspiring memoirs from others, there are a lot of great book suggestions in the comments here.  I’m also giving a ridiculously self-promoting very small consolation prize to all the rest of you who entered, so look for that in the mail in a week or two.

Congratulations, Cheryl!

If you like books, but you are not familiar with Goodreads, you might want to check it out:


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