And the Winner Is . . .

Me! OK, a couple of you are going to get something, too, but I got to hear your thoughts which probably means more to me. A blog is a ridiculously self-important thing to produce, a soliloquy, a lecture, a rant shouted from a hilltop into an empty landscape. When no one answers back, it can feel discouraging and lonely. When someone does respond, it feels warm, like a conversation. In a small way it becomes a relationship. I wonder if that’s how God feels when we pray – and when we don’t?

So, many sincere thanks to all of you who left a comment here last week. If I could, I would send each of you a book, but I only have two copies of Undaunted by Christine Caine. Those I am sending to Colleen and Heather for offering their stories of God’s faithfulness in daunting circumstances. You can read all the comments here.


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